The NYC Travel Debate Team 

Varsity Travel Team Tournaments

September: Yale University (CT) and Georgetown University (Washington DC)


October: Monticello HS (NY) and the Capital Classic (MD)


December: Princeton University (NJ)


January: Lexington High School (MA)


February: Harvard University (MA)


March: Westchester Classic/Lakeland HS (NY)


April: National Association of Urban Debate Leagues Championships (Policy Debate), National Debate Coaches Association Championships (Public Forum Debate)


June: National Speech & Debate National Championships (Dallas, TX)


Varsity Travel Team Practice

  • 9/9 – Travel Team/Varsity Practice and Coach Orientation
  • 9/15-9/17  – Travel Team Tournament: Yale University
  • 10/14 –  Travel Team/Varsity Practice
  • 11/11 – Travel Team/Varsity Practice
  • 12/1-12/3 – Travel Team Tournament – Princeton University
  • 12/10 – Travel Team/Varsity Practice
  • 1/5-1/7 – Travel Team Tournament – The Newark Invitational
  • 1/13-1/15 – Travel Team Tournament – Lexington Invitational
  • 1/27 – Travel Team/Varsity Practice
  • 2/16-2/19 – Travel Team Tournament – Harvard University Debate Invitational
  • 3/2-3/3 – Travel Team Tournament – Lakeland/Westchester Classic
  • 3/24 – 3/25 – Travel Team/Varsity Practice
  • 4/14-4/16 – Travel Team – National Debate Coaches National Debate Championships (Top 2 Public Forum Debate Teams)
  • 4/20-22 – Travel Team – National Urban Debate League National Championships (Top 2 Policy Debate Teams)
  • 4/28 – Travel Team/Varsity CELEBRATION!!!!!


About the Travel Team

Welcome to the New York City Travel Team! New York City debaters are the best debaters in the nation! Our students have won city, state, regional and national titles!  All students should participate in travel tournaments because it breaks every glass ceiling in terms of learning, expectations, and competition. Schools and students are always welcomed to travel on their own, but this is often unaffordable for many of our students. Therefore, the New York City Urban Debate League founded the New York City Travel Team to provide opportunities for our top debaters to travel and compete against the best in the nation.


Local debate tournaments are only the beginning!  On any given weekend there are local, regional, state, and national tournaments!  This makes debate the most rigorous academic program hands down!  You wont find any other academic program with as many academic competitions!  In fact, the Speech & Debate National Championships is the largest academic competition in the entire world with thousands of students participating.


While the costs of regional and national travel are prohibitive and prevent many students and schools from competition at a national level – our mission is to shatter these glass ceilings.  And so the NYCUDL supports a citywide travel team to provide travel opportunities to the top debaters across the city. 


There are three ways to participate on the New York City Travel Team.  


First, schools can sign up for our School Travel Program or “Travel Pool.” Each school is responsible for renting a bus during the year. In return, other schools and the NYCUDL rent buses for the rest of the year. So we provide for travel, housing, and one team meal. Schools are still responsible for tournament registration fees and judging. This helps to make travel affordable for schools. Tentatively, "Travel Pool" schools can bring up to 4 teams and 2 DOE authorized chaperones/judges.


Second, schools apply to be apart of our Travel Team scholarship program. This is based on need and only for established varsity debate programs. Qualifying high schools will receive a scholarship on the Travel Team for 2 debaters and 1 DOE authorized adult chaperone who will also serve as the tournament judge. Travel, housing, and tournament fees are included in the scholarship. Students and chaperones are still responsible for meals.  Coaches must still register for tournaments on time and be responsible for any additional fees (ie late drop fees, judge fees, etc.)  Currently, we only offer one scholarship team per high school.  Scholarship students are expected to (a) participate in monthly Travel Team practices; (b) participate in community service events; (c) attend qualifying tournaments such as the Kirland & Ellis Debate Invitational which helps to sponsor travel costs. For more information on the Travel Team please contact us at


Third, most schools travel on their own. Schools complete their own travel, housing and tournament registration. This way you can bring as many debaters as possible, participate in additional opportunities (field trips of the city, college) and other events. 


Fourth, it is important to note that all our travel policies and scholarship opportunities are always dependent on funding, staffing, tournament logistics and can be changed at anytime.  Nearly all travel is done by schools on their own. The Travel Pool and Travel Scholarship programs are programs in which we try our best to provide funding for students who cannot otherwise afford travel on their own.