Tech Duels Debate Tournament

April: New York State Debate Championships (Middle School & High School) Qualifying Rounds

Week of May 1st: New York State Debate Championships Final Round Tech Duels


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About the Tournament

The NYCUDL and Tech Duels team up to present the first NYCUDL/Tech Duels Tournament on technology education. 

  • Grade Level: 8th - 12th Grade. Students who reach the final rounds of the NY State Debate Championships Tournament.
  • All Teams reaching the Final Rounds of the New York State Debate Championships are invited to a third day on a weekday evening for the Final Rounds!  This includes the top two teams in Middle School Parliamentary Debate, Middle School Public Forum Debate, High School Public Forum Debate, and High School Policy Debate. This will be a public invitational tournament sponsored by Tech Duels! 
  • Debate Format: Open Public Forum Debate, Open Policy Debate, Open Parliamentary/Worlds Debate. 
  • Amazon Kindles/Fires for Top Speakers: Top Speakers (up to top 10 speakers depending on total registration will receive an Amazon Kindle or Amazon Fire
  • Top Team Awards.  The First Place Top Debater will recieve an iPad. Runner Ups will recive Amazon Kindles or Fires.
  • Stay tuned for More Special Prizes!

 About Tech Duels

We are honored to partner with Tech Duels to bring technology education opportunities for youth. Click here to learn more about Tech Duels and see below. 


Mission of Tech Duels

To enhance an engineer’s personal brand by enabling them to become more effective communicators.

About Tech Duels

Technology moves fast! If you’re a developer, engineer, architect or technical leader, you’re constantly confronting a number of decisions and choices. Or, maybe you’re just really passionate about a particular technology. What do you do? At Tech Duels, we’ll put this to debate. Skilled and opinionated developers will debate on technical topics in a variety of formats from individuals facing one on one, to teams battling it out. All this, while competing for prizes and recognition as the winning debaters.


Most tech events primarily focus on education (e.g., workshops) or awareness (e.g., tech talks). At Tech Duels, the focus is on competition and fostering debates or discussion around key decision-making processes that inuence selection of technologies for specic needs. Tech Duels will be a series of such debates, each focusing on key issues for developers, entrepreneurs and technology adopters.

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