Why I Debate

Parent Testimonials


"I am very happy to let you know that my child has been with you since his third grade. Debate helped him to do exceptionally well in academics in his elementary and middle school years!! I thank you for your awesome support." (Graduated middle school with the highest academic average of 103.24% and is now attending Bronx Science)


The event was a part of a partnership between the Education Department’s Middle School Quality Initiative and the New York City Urban Debate League. The competition was already a winner with IN-Tech’s parents and students as they said the skills their children learned from the extracurricular activity boosted their grades, self-confidence and social skills. “I’ve already seen the difference between elementary school and middle school and how much he’s already progressed,” said Diana Hernandez, whose son Jordan, a sixth-grader, joined the team this fall. “He was very shy in elementary school and now he’s more outgoing. He’s more [willing] to actually doing public speaking, which he never liked doing at all. He’s very excited and he’s very proud to be on the debate team.” Rosanna Mella, whose daughter Kamilah was also debating for the first time, like Jordan, said she was “very excited and proud.” Being part of the debate team has inspired Kamilah to become more interested in academics and to enjoy the reading and research that goes along with preparing for competition, Ms. Mella added. Before the club, Kamilah was primarily interested in the arts, and now her interests have expanded to science and technology, Ms. Mella said.  (http://www.riverdalepress.com/stories/Debates-help-students-improve-skills,61282, https://debate.prezly.com/debates-help-students-improve-skills)

"NYC UDL community! Spent the weekend at Yale with a single team of 2 young debaters. I was worried that they would be all alone, but all our friends from the NYC UDL community took them in. Erik & Aubrey, you’ve not only made debate accessible to all but also created a place where a large group of diverse young people can come together as one strong community! So proud to be part of this amazing organization!"

As I sit here and read so many uninformed posts, I think (so many things, but let’s stick with the positive for now)…I am so grateful my kids spent the week at the New York City Urban Debate League. They, along with hundreds of other debaters this summer, are learning how to examine an issue from both sides, to make cogent arguments, cite evidence and most importantly care and engage in conversations that determine the course of our democracy. I have high hopes for the next generation to fix our problems, but a sincere wish that we get there before that so they can grow up in the world that they deserve. Many thanks to the NYCUDL for creating such an amazing program and all our friends in the debate community!


My daughter’s team won the title for Novice Middle School Parliamentary Debates.  She told me that after the last debate, she is confident and skillful enough to pass any state test.