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“Maybe you could be a mayor or a Senator or a Supreme Court Justice, but you might not know that until you join the debate team.” – President Obama
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Summer Debate Season Ends!

Fall Debate Season Begins!


Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for making our summer debate season such a success!  Our summer debate institute is the longest and largest program in the country with seven weeks of summer debate institutes serving over 200 students! Thank you to Columbia University, Hunter College, Silberman School of Social Work, Maspeth High School, the Urban Assembly School for Young Women in Math and Science, and the Brooklyn Public Library for hosting! Thank you to all our volunteers, instructors, staff, parents, students, and everyone for making this summer our biggest and best summer ever! Click here to learn more about our summer debate programs and get the latest summer debate news! Click here for our NYC Summer Debate Tournament Results! 

And now Fall Debate Season begins! 

We kicked off the Fall Debate Season with our first Debate Club Practice and our first Varsity Travel Team/Varsity Practice on Saturday! Next Saturday is our Girls Debate Workshop and our first Tournaments are in October! October 7th is our first Middle School Tournament and October 21st is our first high school tournament! If your school has not registered for this debate season, please click below to Join the Debate League! - Erik 


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Fall Semester Debate Dates

10/24 - Girls Debate Leadership & Planning Committee (National Women's Right Convention Day)

12/1-13/3 - Travel Team Tournament #2: Princeton University
12/1 - Girls Debate Leadership & Planning Committee (Rosa Parks Arrested)

1/5-1/7 - Travel Team Tournament: Newark Invitational
1/13 - 1/15 - Travel Team Tournament: Lexington High School (Mass)
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Joel De La Cruz: Rising young debater and lawyer promotes collaboration for a better society

Shout outs to NYCUDL Debater Joel De La Cruz of the High School of Law, Advocacy, and Community Justice," featured in an article by Global Youth Voices and his recent work as a Youth Ambassador at the United Nations. The benefits of debate according to Joel, "It is the norm for me that when debate topics are given that I already have a comprehensive understanding of the resolution. I use this as a launch pad to help my team develop their understanding of the topic so we can all learn together. With every topic, I try to emphasize to my team that this topic matters and that it has a real impact on real people. It is with this vigor and a tenacity like no other, that I distinguish myself in a debate. The suspenders help, but it’s honestly the questions I ask my opponents as I look them in the eye...."
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NYC Travel Team's Practice #1 and Prep for the Yale University High School Debate Invitational!

So this Saturday was historical for the debut of the NYC Travel Team Practice!  What a magical and inspiring day! While we have always had a Travel Team, this is the first year where every NYC high school that is eligible can participate on the Travel Team. For the first time we have monthly practices at our office where all students work together to prepare for upcoming Travel Tournaments with incredible alumni, former debaters, staff and volunteers. Thank you everyone for making possible!   

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Girls Debate Workshop This Saturday (9/16)

This Saturday the Girls Debate League kicks off with its workshop on 9/16 from 10:00am-3:00pm. Guest Speakers, Panels, Workshops, Breakfast, Lunch and more! Thank you to alumni Erika Marte and our Youth Leadership Council and Girls Debate Leadership and Planning Committee for organizing! Click below to sign up! 

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Our Blogs.

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Middle School Debate League

We kick off the NYC Middle School Debate Season on Saturday, October 7th at PS 161 and Berkeley Carroll. And we feature the new middle school debate event of Big Questions Debate (1 topic all year) as well as our traditional Parliamentary and Public Forum Debate Formats. 

Click here for the Middle School Calendar and Sign Up for Events! 


High School Debate League

We kick off the NYC High School Debate season on Saturday, October 21st at the Institute for Collaborative Education. We feature the new high school division of Beginners Policy Debate which is open to Middle School Debaters as well.

Click here for the High School Calendar and Sign Up for Events!

Girls Debate League

This Saturday, September 16th, we host our first Girls Debate Workshop for middle school and high school female debaters at New York University. The day will feature guest speakers, panels, and debate workshops. 

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NYC Debate Club 

Thank you everyone for attending Debate Club yesterday! Thank you to all our volunteers for making the day so incredible!

For students without debate teams at their school and/or interested in additional debate coaching we offer a debate club that meets at our office every Saturday from 10:00am-12:00pm or students can also sign up virtually for online resources and online debate training.

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