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“Debate — not lockstep agreement — is the secret recipe for a high-performing team, a new six-year study has found…It is the ability to manage conflicting tensions — as opposed to seeking cohesion — that is the most predictive of top-team performance,” they concluded in their writeup of their results for Harvard Business Review. Teams who debated their ideas regularly and encouraged a healthy sparring over ideas emerged as the highest-performing groups — with a 22% better performance of developing new products than teams that always agreed.” (



High School Tournament #1 (10/21)
Middle School Tournament #1 Results (10/7)


Dear Friend,

Thank you everyone for making NYC Middle School Debate Tournament #1 an incredible success! 28 schools. 245 students. 133 judges, parents, coaches and guests. 103 debate teams. 2 different locations across two different boroughs. 3 different debate events (parliamentary debate, public forum debate, Big Questions Debate. 5 divisions of debate. 5 different debate topics: North/South Korea, Animal Ethics, Youth in Sports, Immigration, and Hate Speech.Thank you to Tournament directors and hosts. To view complete tournament results, please visit our website at  You can also view the list of students qualifying for the State Championships Tournament by clicking here. And congratulations to our top schools competing. School Sweepstakes awards below.  HIGH SCHOOLS! OUR FIRST TOURNAMENT IS THIS COMING SATURDAY! REGISTRATION CLOSES ON TUESDAY! REGISTER NOW! 

Top 10 Schools in Parliamentary Debate
1st Place - PS 161 - Pedro Albizu Campos - 56 pts
2nd Place - Speyer Legacy School - 54 pts
3rd Place - East Side Middle School - 39 pts
4th Place - The Computer School - 30 pts
5th Place - IS 230 School for the Civics - 29 pts
6th Place - Salk School of Science - 17 pts
7th Place - Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS) - 16 pts
8th Place - MS 243 - The Center School - 14 pts
9th Place - St. Hope Leadership Charter School - 14 pts
10th Place - The Hamilton Grange School - 13 pts
11th - PS 149 - The Sojourner Truth School - 13 pts
Top 10 First Year Schools in Parliamentary Debate
1st Place - Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS) - 16 pts
2nd Place - MS - The Center School - 14 pts
3rd Place - St. Hope Leadership Charter School - 14 pts
4th Place - The Hamilton Grange School - 13 pts
5th Place - PS 149 - The Sojourner Truth School - 13 pts
6th Place - West Prep Academy - 12 pts
7th Place - NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies - 7 pts
8th Place - Thurgood Marshall Academy - 7 pts
9th Place - HEAF Great Debaters - 5 pts
Top 10 Schools in Public Forum Debate
1st Place - Hunters Point Community Middle School - 50 pts
2nd Place - The Equity Project (TEP) Charter School - 29 pts
3rd Place - Berkeley Carroll School - 28 pts
4th Place - Westfield Middle School - 27 pts
5th Place - TAG Young Scholars - 22 pts
6th Place - CIS 303 - Leadership and Community Service - 17 pts
7th Place - Yorkville East Middle School - 16 pts
8th Place - PS/IS 218 - 5 pts
Top 10 First Year Public Forum Debate Schools
1st Place - CIS 303 - Leadership and Community Service - 17 pts
The New York City Urban Debate League
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Register for NYC High School Tournament #1 (October 21st)

Saturday, October 21st 2017 will be our first high school debate tournament of the season featuring Public Forum Febate (Beginners, Novice, Varsity) and Policy Debate (Beginners, Novice, Varsity). Please register by Tuesday! Debate Coaches can click here to register! Thank you to the Institute for Collaborative Education for hosting! Debate Topics below! And we always need volunteer judges! Please click here to sign up to judge.  Students, Judges and Everone should arrive by 9:00am at the latest. Thank you all for joining us for Tournament #1! 

Public Forum Debate: Resolved: Deployment of anti-missile systems is in South Korea’s best interest.

Policy Debate: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its funding and/or regulation of elementary and/or secondary education in the United States.

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NYC Debate Youth Leadership Council

October 24th, 2017, NYCUDL Office, 4:00pm-6:00pm and Intelligence Squared Debate 6:00pm-8:30pm.

Debate Student Leaders of New York City Unite! The Debate Youth Leadership Council is intended to encourage the participation of high school and middle schools students in the debate league - beyond participation in tournaments - and getting involved in helping to lead the debate league, improve programming, supporting new students and new schools, feedback on how the league can be improved, creating and participating in new initiatives, and getting involved in additional opportunities such as debate nights, scholarship opportunities and more. This is ideal for debate teams that have "student captains" as well as teams that are looking to create student captain positions. Our goal is to have monthly student leadership meetings on a weekday after school at our office, 25 Broadway, NY, NY 10004. Dinner will be provided. Each school is invited to send up to two student representatives per Grade Division.


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Public Forum Debate Workshop (11/9)

Thank you everyone for coming to our first debate workshop last month. We had an incredible guest speaker from the United States Department of Education and over 50 student attendees! Our workshop returns on 11/9 featuring the new public forum debate topic of gun regulation. We are inviting several guest speakers from various gun related organizations.  The evening will feature evidence packets on the November public forum debate topic, guest speakers and skill based debate workshops.

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Workshop Registration
Girls Debate.png

Girls Debate League Workshop (11/4)

Our next girls debate league workshop is November 4th at our office!  We have an exciting line up of workshops, panels, guest speakers and more! And special sneak peak and preparation for our first Girls Debate League Tournament of the year! 

Click here to register.

Girls Debate Workshop Registration
Tournament Results.jpg

Middle School Debate Tournament #1 Results!  Middle School Debate Tournament #2 is on November 11th! 

Thank you for everyone making our first middle school tournament such a success... in two different locations across two different boroughs! Wow! 

Click here for Tournament #1 Results!

Click here for Tournament #1 Photo Album!

Click here for the Middle School Calendar

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October HS Tournament.jpg

High School Debate Tournament #1 (10/21/17)

We kick off the NYC High School Debate season on Saturday, October 21st at the Institute for Collaborative Education. We feature the new high school division of Beginners Policy Debate which is open to Middle School Debaters as well.

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Girls Debate League Small Photo.png

Girls Debate League Leadership and Planning Committee (10/19/17)

In preparation for our next Girls Debate League Workshop (November 4th) we seek your insights and expertise. The Girls Debate League understands that gender inequality continues to exist and thrives at different levels of society. Therefore, we utilize debate as a vehicle to actively acknowledge injustices and create a safe space for individuals who identify as female to challenge the status quo.

Come join us in planning and designing a workshop that will impact the lives of our girl debaters. Your skills and knowledge as a coach, debater, mother, alumni, lawyer, or volunteer can make a difference!

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NYC Debate Club 

For students without debate teams at their school and/or interested in additional debate coaching we offer a debate club that meets at our office every Saturday from 10:00am-12:00pm or students can also sign up virtually for online resources and online debate training.

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