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NYC Great Debaters Weekly!

SONYC Debate Tournament on Saturday!

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This week we shout SONYC Debate Tournament #2 which will be our last SONYC Debate Tournament of this school year but just the beginning of an incredible and historic debate program. It is an honor to partner up with Schools Out New York (SONYC), the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), and so many incredible after school programs.  Huge shout outs go to Mr. Keith Hicks, Ms. Yessica Erenburg, Mr. Stefan Bauschard, Ms. Loretta Brady, Ms. Courtney Kaufman, Ms. Natalie Polanco, and every single SONYC Debate Coach, staff member and student for making debate accessible to so many. SONYC programs can register for the final tournament of the school year by clicking here on or emailing us at erik@debate.nycAnd we always need judges and volunteers to help out! Please click here to sign up to volunteer! Learn more about the SONYC debate league by clicking here! And additional shout outs go to our Debate Night Tournament this week at Beveridge & Diamond Law Firm!  Thanks Everyone! - Erik,


Upcoming Events   

5/12 - Harlem Incubator Tournament
5/15 - Debate Night @ Beveridge & Diamond
6/14 - MSQI Championships
6/30 - Summer Camp Staff Training
Summer Debate Institutes!
Middle School Summer Debate Institutes 
community debate night - tech duels 

Community Debate Night! Tech Duels! (5/12)

Thank you everyone for coming to our community debate night! Over 150 guests - students, teachers, parents, families, and volunteers. Another shout out to our State Champs Finalists! Thank you to Tech Duels for making this event possible! 7 Rounds of debate! 30+ Judges! Debates on Technology and Social Media! Raffles and Prizes including Kindles, Echo Dots, Gift Cards, DVDs and more! Thank you everyone for just an inspirational and incredible evening. Click here for Photo Album!  

Beveridge Diamond Debate Night 2017

Beveridge & Diamond Debate Night (5/15) 

On May 15th we return to Beveridge & Diamond for Debate Night! The topic is on ending 24 hour subway service in New York City. Thank you to PS 161 and Hamilton Grange School for participating. Thank you to Beveridge & Diamond for hosting and sponsoring! Click here for last year's Photo Album at the Beveridge and Diamond Debate Night! Click here to learn more about our legal partnerships!  


SONYC Debate Tournament #2 (5/19) 

Thank you to the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) and Schools Out New York (SONYC) for hosting SONYC Debate Tournament #2! Join us for an incredible Saturday of debates, workshops, food, and awards!  The debate topic is Resolved: The U.S. federal government should require all American citizens 18 years and older to vote. SONYC Debate Teams can sign up on by clicking here or email us at And we always need judges and volunteers to help out! Please click here to sign up to volunteer! If new to SONYC Debate, check out our Photo Album for SONYC Debate Tournament #1 by clicking here! 


High School End of Year Ceremony (3/31) 

Celebrate the end of the debate season with the NYC Urban Debate League and Citi Foundation! Dinner! Snacks! Trophies! Awards! Debates! Our Year End Awards Ceremony recognizes the year's top debate teams, top speakers, top schools and numerous other awards and achievements. This is the Academy Awards for NYC debaters and NYC debate schools! We thank the Citi Foundation for making this event possible in NYC and all of Cit's support for urban debate leagues across the country. Please RSVP as soon as possible! This event is only for registered NYCUDL students, schools and teachers. Click here to RSVP! 

Middle School Awards Ceremony IMage 

Celebrate the end of the Debate Season!! This event is free for all NYCUDL schools, students and parents. Only price of admission is to bring a dish for the Pot Luck! End of the Year Awards Ceremony! Top teams and speakers of the year! School Sweepstakes Awards! And other Awards! Fantastic Pot Luck! Fun, Games, Sports and More! Students, Parents, Families, Teachers and Guests invited! Click here to RSVP!  

Twitter_ NYC Service Recruitment 
NYCUDL is Hiring! Join Americorps!  

We are excited to partner again with NYC Service and Americorps. We will be hiring four NYC Civic Corps Members for the 2018-2019 school year.  Americorps is a powerful program that places college graduates for a year in the nonprofit sector to develop leadership, education, civic and career skills for a year while changing the world. Salary, tuition benefits, graduate school benefits and other perks are available for Americorps members. Click here to learn more and apply now!  

Join us for the summer of 2018 at the nation's largest debate league and summer program.  NYC Debate hosts seven weeks of summer debate institutes, summer tournaments, summer events, and other fun programs to teach students debate, public speaking, critical thinking, current events and improve reading, writing, and research skills. Our locations include Hunter College, Silberman Graduate School, Columbia University, New York University, Maspeth High School and more! Register now for earlybird discounts!  Click to register!  Learn More!



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